• Keeps instructors' phone numbers hidden from students and students' phone numbers hidden from instructors
  • Uses existing mobile devices and hardware
  • No installation required
  • Records and tracks conversations between instructors and students/parents
  • Protects your business from liability
  • Protects instructors from unwanted calls and texts
  • Enables communication during certain times of the day
  • Unique and marketable feature that parents LOVE


We recognize one of the unique challenges that driving school owners face: potential liability issues stemming from free communication between their instructors (adults) and students (minors). This communication may simply involve calling or texting about pickup locations and cancellations, but with no control or oversight, it represents a serious risk.

In the course of students drivers ed program, instructors have to call students for whatever reason. But you as the owner or manager really don't know when, how many times and what is being said during those calls or text messages. Not having this visibility is a HUGE potential problem and can create a nightmare scenario.

We have spoken with dozens of our driving school clients and they told us about absolute horor stories. And in many cases it wasnt their instructors fault.

For instructors, it also represents the distraction and annoyance of unwanted calls and texts by teens or their parents, at any time of the day or night. It also

To resolve this problem, we developed a totally new and unique feature.

PRIVACYSHIELD™ enables direct, easy communication between instructors and students, during pre-determined windows of time, without ever seeing someone's actual phone number. And you can monitor it as needed, providing true accountability and security to your team.

So set your mind at ease regarding liability, improve your instructors' job satisfaction, and make your customers feel safe and secure.

Call us at 888.635.8540 today and see how our software and PRIVACYSHIELD™ can help you, your staff and your organization.

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Does your software work on both PC and MAC
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